Forest Research Centre for Eco-Rehabilitation, Prayagraj is a premier forestry research institution which aims to nurture professional excellence in the field of agroforestry and eco-rehabilitation. It was established in the year 1992, as an advanced Centre of F.R.I. under the umbrella of Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, Dehra Dun, which is an autonomous council of Union Government of India Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, New Delhi.  

The area of operations of FRC-ER includes three agro climatic zones (viz. Middle Gangetic Plains-IV; UpparGangetic Plains-V and Central Plateau and Hills-VIII) in Uttar Pradesh encompassing varied topography and environmental scenario in flood prone Saryu par area and Ghagra-Ganga Doab, Tarai zone adjoining Himalaya tract, forested and mineral rich Vindhyan formations and gently sloping uplands of Bundelkhand. 

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FRC-ER’s research activities are focused on rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems and stress sites, promotion of agroforestry and dissemination of available technologies to user groups for conservation and sustainable use of forest resources. Apart research the centre has significantly contributed in forestry extension, technology demonstration and capacity building endeavors for different stakeholder’s viz. SFDs, farmers, tree growers, students, NGOs, entrepreneurs and industries for efficient dissemination of research findings and technologies developed by ICFRE.


Last updated on: 31 August 2020