R&D Highlights

Since inception, this Centre has completed 21 research projects funded by ICFRE and 12 projects funded by different external funding agencies viz. World Bank, UNDP, NABARD, NITI Aayog, MoEF& CC, NOVOD Board, NTPC Ltd., NRAA, SFD Bihar, U.P. Council of Science & Technology, U.P. Council of Agricultural Research etc.

The institute has made noteworthy R & D contribution on various aspects in forestry sector, which are briefly enlisted below:

  • Establishment ofSPA and SSPA of Dalbergiasissoo in Campierganj, Gorakhpur forest division and SSPA of Acacia nilotica and CSO of D. sissoo in Gonda and Mathura forest division.
  • Development of the technology of mound plantation with soil amendments for Terminaliaarjuna, Acacia nilotica, Eucalyptuscamaldulensis, Prosopisjuliflora and Dalbergiasissoo for reclamation of water logged sodic sites.
  • Development of medicinal plants based agroforestry models to utilize the vacant land under tree orchards of Mango, Aonla, Mahua and Bamboo for additional income to the farmers in Kaushambi district of Eastern UP.
  • Restoration of stone mining area in Vindhyan region through microbial technology.
  • Development of technological packages for rehabilitation of silica mining sites with Pongamiapinnata, Albizialebbeck, Azadirachtaindica, Madhucalongifolia and Pithecellobiumdulce.
  • Phytoremediation of water logged wastelands through bio-drainage and soil amendments.
  • Reclamation of salt affected lands in Pratapgarh, Prayagraj and Gorakhpur districts with indigenous tree species.
  • Identification of promising cyanobacterial species for bioremediation of Red mud (Bauxite residue).
  • Promoting linkages among tree growers and traders for efficient marketing of wood products in Eastern U.P.
  • Documentation of floral and faunal diversity around Meja Thermal Power Plant of NTPC to identify threatened, nationally, regionally, or locally significant species and communities.
  • Development of methodology for productivity assessment for Buteamonosperma in degraded forests of Shankargarh, Allahabad.
  • Development of a noval innovative technique for quick and economical germination of Spondiaspinnata without any potting media.
  • Standardization of nursery techniques of Buchnanialanzan using seed pretreatments.
  • Standardization of seed germination protocol and seed source screening for Stereospermumsuaveolens- a rare and neglected species of Eastern UP
  • Analysis of demand -supply gap of important tree species of UP in Gorakhpur, Maharajganj, Basti and Deoria districts.
  • Preparation of database for timber market information system for stream lining of existing marketing channel of important tree products, viz. timber and firewood for local farmers/ villagers and its extension in identified districts viz. Prayagraj, Sonbhadra, Raebareilly, Barabanki, Gorakhpur and Bahraich for developing agro forestry in the region of Eastern UP.
  • Designing of portable low cost, mini non-mist propagation chamber which can be a substitute to Forest Department/farmers for rooting of cuttings irrespective of season avoiding costly mist propagation set up.
  • Preparation of herbal Gulal using Curcuma longa rhizome, Beta vulgaris roots, Bixaorellana seeds and Lawsoniainermis leaves.
  • Evolution of nursery techniques of Ficusreligiosa, F. benghalensis, F. glomerata and F. lacor.
  • Assessment of suitable clones of eucalyptus and poplar for Eastern UP to identify IFGTB-2,4,6,10; P-14,45,50 2136 and FRI-100 among 32 evaluated clones.
  • Preparation of DPR for rejuvenation of Ganga and Yamuna rivers in UP.
  • Standardization of technology for planting of tall for selected forestry species of Eastern UP
  • Investigations on large scale Sal mortality in Gorakhpur

Last updated on: 04 August 2020