Thrust Area

  1. Development of suitable technological packages for afforestation of stress sites.
  2. Development and demonstration of site-specific social, farm and agro forestry models to ensure enhanced and sustained productivity.
  3. Standardization of seed, nursery and plantation techniques of indigenous tree and medicinal plant species.
  4. Identification, selection, demarcation and management of seed stands/seed production areas of priority tree species for qualitatively improved seeds for plantation.
  5. Development of growth and yield models for species of commercial and regional importance.
  6. Assessment of suitable species/clones/provenances of promising tree species for agroforestry in different agro-climatic zones.
  7. Evaluation of indigenous tree Species for reclamation of salt affected lands in agro-climatic zones of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  8. Development and strengthening of research extension linkages to disseminate the research results in a user-friendly way to end-users viz. NGO, Farmers, Foresters, academicians etc.
  9. Resource survey and conservation rare, endangered and threatened species of the region.
  10. To enhance the outreach of research findings for livelihood generation and bringing benefits to the communities.

Last updated on: 03 August 2020