Kumbh Magh Mela

Magh / Kumbh Extension Stall Established by the Centre in Previous years:

Total Five Extension stall have been established by CSFER, Allahabad/FRCER,Prayagraj:

Mahakumbh 2013:

“Extension Stall” has been established by the FRCER, Prayagraj (Formerly known as Centre of Social Forestry and Eco-Rehabilitation, Allahabad) in Mahakumbha-2013 in Allahabad to showcase the technologies developed by ICFRE Institutes in all over India, from 14th of January to 10th of March, 2013.

MaghMela 2014:

In MaghMela 2014 the extension stall was established by the Centre and technologies had been extended to the visitors of the MaghMela. Various developed technologies on restoration, agroforestry, medicinal plants cultivation, nursery techniques ets extended to stake holders. Seedlings and propagation material distributed to the Mela visitors as per their willingness. Fund was provided under Extension Head.

MaghMela 2017:

In MaghMela 2017 the extension stall was established by the Centre and technologies had been extended to the visitors of the MaghMela. Fund was provided under Extension Head.

MahaKumbh 2019:

Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) set up an exhibition with its associated organizations viz., ICFRE, WII, ZSI, BSI, NTCA, CPCB, NCSM & GB Pant Institute. ‘Green Good Deeds’ was decided as exhibition theme and Botanical Survey of India (BSI), Prayagraj was identified as the coordinating agency for the MoEF&CC Exhibition at Kumbh-2019.On this occasion, for representation of all ICFRE Institutes, the FRC-ER, Prayagraj was entrusted the responsibility to coordinate display of research findings, extension materials, live models, publications etc., to religious participants and pilgrims.As a participating organization, ICFRE has involved all its Institutes for exhibiting their specific forest related technologies to stakeholders. The display and extension of these technologies developed by different ICFRE Institutes was done through digital posters, models, exhibits, short films, brochures, publications, digital presentations and forest products. Different technologies, processes and products developed by FRI, Dehradunsuch as ZiBOC (preservative for wood & bamboos), SAMRIDDHI (for improvement in silk production), RAKSHAK (bio-pesticide), JIGAT (product for agarbatti making), natural dyes, biofertilizers from waste forest produces, non-wood forest products etc., is being displayed in the exhibition. The agroforestry models of Melia, Eucalyptus and Poplar with traditional agriculture crops and medicinal plants are also being displayed. The highly medicinal mushrooms viz., Ophiocordycepssinensis and Ganodermalucidum and biofungicideTrichoderma samples along with cultivation methods are also showcased. The seeds, plants and products of important medicinal, nonwood, spiritual, agroforestry and forest species, including bamboos are also being displayed. The miniature models viz. Social forestry & 100 years of forestry and products of Bamboos, Lantana and Melia such as composite wood and ply board are also showcased. Publications, posters, pamphlets, handouts and brochures received from different institutes are being distributed. The bio-pesticides developed by different institutes of ICFRE e.g. Vermico-IPM, Tree rich bioboosters, Tricho-K, K-mobiliser, Hy-Act, Crawl Clean, Tree PAL H are also displayed through digital posters. Besides these, recently released varieties of Casuarina, Rauvolfiaserpentina, Eucalyptus tereticornis,Meliadubia andshortfilms on non wood forest products and technologies commercialized by ICFRE are also being showcased through digital posters.

MaghMela 2020:

Forestry Technology Demonstration and Awareness Generation Stall has been set up by FRCER Prayagraj in Magh Mela-2020 for Showcasing and Dissemination of ICFRE Technologies. The span of the Exhibition stall was for 45 days during MaghMela 2020. The stall was formally inaugurated by Honourable Justice Shri Rajesh Kumar, National Green Tribunal (Air pollution Wing) on 20th January, 2020. During the MaghMela 2020, various extension programmes have been organized at the 'Forestry Technique Demonstration and Awareness Camp' for the visitors of the Mela, students, farmers and other stakeholders. One-day farmer training program organized by FRCER, Prayagraj on the subject of "Agro Forestry" on 27.01.2020. A training programme for farmers and visitors was organized on “VermiComposting and Organic faming” on 31st January, 20. A programme on Medicinal Plants was organized on 5thFebrury, 20. A programme for creating the awareness regarding Environment and Forest among the Mela Visitors through ‘Poetry” was organized on 3rdFebrury, 20. The closure ceremony of Extension Stall was ended with an Environmental Awareness Programme for the School Children through Magic Show and lecture by Scientists on 15thFebrury, 20.

Last updated on: 04 August 2020