Model Research Nursery

The model research nursery of FRC-ER, sprawling in 4 ha area at Padila consist of modern facilities for seedling and clonal stock production. It has consistently produced and distributed quality planting material from identified superior seed sources/genotypes/clones of tropical tree, bamboo and medicinal plant species all over UP in last 27 years. The model nursery has also been instrumental in capacity building of various stakeholders and awareness generation for promotion of forestry and environmental conservation in the region. Vegetative multiplication garden of poplar

As no promising clones of Poplar were available for the local farmers of Uttar Pradesh therefore Vegetative Multiplication garden (V.M.G) of Poplar consisting of 10 promising clones of poplar collected from FRI Dehradun was established at Padilla nursery of FRCER in February 2013.Enriched Vegetative Multiplication Garden (V.M.G) in February 2014 with addition of 12 new promising clones and 41 new clones in 2015.

Last updated on: 04 August 2020