Profile Detail

  1. Name of Scientist : Dr. Sanjay Singh
  2. Date of Birth : 01-04-1970
  3. Institute: Head, Forest Research Centre for Eco Rehabilitation
  4. Contact number: +919430366286
  5. Date of Joining ICFRE: 02-01-1998
  6. Present Post/Pay Level: Scientist F
  7. Date of continuous appointment to the present post/grade: 01-01-2017
  8. Discipline/ Specialization: Tree Physiology & Molecular Biology; Clonal Forestry
  9. Educational qualification (Graduation & above): BSc (Biology); MSc (Botany); PhD
  10.  Important Research Findings (not more than 100 words in the form of bullet points):
  1. Development of clonal procedures for tropical broadleaved trees, bamboos and medicinal plants
  2. Physio-biochemical screening of genotypes for productivity enhancement and stress tolerance – Dalbergia sissoo,Pongamia pinnata, Anthocephalus chinensis, Bombax ceiba
  3. Screening of Moringa oleifera genotypes with superior leaf nutritive and cytokinin content and development of organic fertilizer for enhanced crop yield
  4. Assessment of genetic diversity in tropical trees and bamboos; development of species specific molecular markers and DNA barcoding in eastern Indian bamboos
  5. Elucidation of physio-biochemical basis of adventitious rhizogenesis- identification of auxin dependent and independent phases of rooting; detection of role of moisture stress in root formation and IAA ionization, distribution pattern and rhizogenesis  as influenced by inorganic salt pretreatment
  1. Research Papers/Awards/Publications (5 best publications):
  1. Awards
    • Indian Forester Prize for most outstanding research paper (2002)
    • Prof. K. K. Nag Foundation Gold Medal and Young Scientist Award (2009)
    • Freezailah Fellowship by International Timber and trade Organization (2010)
    • Indira Gandhi Lifetime Achievement Award  from Rajiv Gandhi International S &T Association (2016)
  2. Publications
  1. Sanjay Singh, Pramod Kumar and S. A. Ansari (2004). A simple method for large-scale propagation of Dendrocalamus asper. Scientia Horticulturae, 100: 251-255.
  2. Sanjay Singh, A. S. Bhandari and S. A. Ansari (2006). Stockplant management for optimized rhizogenesis in Tectona grandis stem cuttings. New Forests, 31: 91-96.
  3. Sanjay Singh, N. P. S. Nain and S. P. Tripathi (2009). Growing tropical tree planting stock in root trainers: Cell volume, seedling density and growing media. Annals of Tropical Research, 30: 44-55.
  4. Priyamvada Singh, Sanjay Singh, S.P. Mishra and S. K. Bhatia (2010). Molecular characterization of genetic diversity in Jatropha curcas L. Gene, Genome and Genomics, 4: 1-8.
  5. Sanjay Singh and S. A. Ansari (2014). Callus formation impedes adventitious rhizogenesis in air layers of broadleaved tree species. Annals of Forest Research 57: 47-54.


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